Owned by Venita
Wasabi has been used for a
promotional campaign for responsible
dog-ownership by the local council.
Thank you Neat
for promoting Frenchies in such
a wonderful way.


WASABI chose Venita  when she was about 4 weeks old and I kept Venita and Sue up to speed on Wasabi's antics...but one antic in particular sticks out ....When they all about 6-7 weeks old we were calling all the pups in to go to bed....Wasaaaa never came, because in my wisdom, earlier on in the day I decided to clean the covers of the heating ducts and I forgot to put one of them back...'Adventure dog' had found that duct!
Having discovered that Wasaaaa was underneath the house around the middle of the loungeroom floor I sent my daughter Lucy and her friend Hanna, armed with cutting implements, to depths of darkness to rescue our bold adventurer.....every time  Lucy hacked into a duct the 'little treasure' went up another tunnel...I am sure I heard her laughing.
Suffice to say, dear readers, I have no heating in 4 rooms!!......but we did get back a rather dusty, intrepid little Frenchie, who as you can see by the photo above holds no fear.
Thank you Wasaaaa for the laughter.

'I am WASABI and I fear nothing'

Oliver & Friend
owned by Lee.

owned by Pete and Nikki.
Rav was one of my first Frenchies and I would sincerely like to  Thank Pete and Nikki, for giving my Pygmy Savage a truly wonderful home and Thank you so much for the photos...they mean a lot.

owned by Leah and Farnood

Jackson at 6mths

Owned by Geoff and Dina.
I count myself as very lucky to have these
2 wonderful people in my life.


Has totally besotted her new owners Mel, John and Boss the Amstaff.

Cassandra and Guy proudly 'possessed' by
Graham (Frenchie) and Franklin (Boxer)

ruling the lives of Nat and Mark

The Flying Dog-tor
cherished by Michelle, Danny & Emma


"Watcha doin"??

Proudly possessed by Nikki

Alex and Ivy

upside down but still together...love this pic!!!

Sissy (left) and Ziva (right)
So dearly loved by Bek and Kade.

So loved by Jade and family